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Edamame (枝豆 Young soybeans)

Edamame is immature soybeans in Japanese. This is very nice snack for beer.
In stead of boiling you can steam boil or warm with microwave.

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Fried Wonton Dumpling (雲吞)

The ingredients is same with Boiled Wonton Dumpling but I recommend to use minced pork. Form the dumpling, same way with STEAM Boiled Wonton Dumpling.

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Dompuk’s Mixed Kimuchi

Kimuchi (also called Kimchi) is usually with Chinese cabbage, cucumber or white radish and only one kind of vegetable is pickled.

I like to mix different kind of vegetables at once and eat like lightly pickled snack. My recommendation is radish (normal & white), carrot (slice thin!), cucumber, peppers (any colors).

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Steam boiled artichoke


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